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BSc (Arch) University of Michigan, MArch Florida International University


PhD Abstract


Media Architecture: Facilitating the Co-creation of Place


The purpose of this research is to investigate the emerging discipline of media architecture, the architectural design of spaces that combine digital media with the physical presence of buildings (Brynskov et al., 2013) to question how this hybrid architectural approach can not only encourage community participation and engagement but to seek how it facilitates the experience of place. Typically media and architecture have been brought together by private entities and property owners for the purpose of advertisement and entertainment to attract the attention of people. The development and accessibility of interactive screens allow for media architecture to not only display content but for users to engage with it. The aim of this study is to explore the ability for media architecture to become increasingly open and accessible for the purpose of helping people appropriate place or create communities for and by themselves. To seek deeper understanding of the motivation for participation and engagement the “Do-it-Yourself” (DIY) phenomena is reviewed in the contexts of DIY technologies, DIY place making, and DIY citizenship to propose the notion of DIY/DIWO media architecture.

Architectural design methods and theories are combined with interactive media and urban informatics to provoke and stimulate urban opportunities for the social interaction, adaptation, and appropriation of media architecture. Using a combination of tangible and digital media, a series of design interventions have been introduced to different communities in South East Queensland to explore the meaning and creation of place. A research by design approach has led to findings indicating that combining digital and tangible media with architecture can provide greater opportunities for the co-creation of place within urban environments.



    • Dr Mirko Guaralda (Principal)
    • Prof Marcus Foth (Associate)
    • Dr Jennifer Seevink




Glenda Caldwell is a lecturer in Architecture. She has a Bachelor of Science (Architecture) from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor USA. Having commenced a Masters in Architecture at SCI-Arc in Los Angeles and completing the degree in Miami at the Florida International University. Glenda participated in the dLAB course at the Architecture Association, London in 2009 focusing on digital fabrication. 

Her research focuses on the effect technology has on the experience of the city where architectural design methods and theories are combined with interactive media and urban informatics for community engagement. She explores how the use of technology and different media weaves the disciplines of architecture, urban design, interaction design and urban informatics together to create opportunities for social interaction to occur within the digital and physical layers of the urban environment. Of particular interest are media architecture, community engagement, guerrilla research tactics, and place-making to promote sensitive architecture that responds to the needs of the community. 

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