ip australia
UX for IP Australia

Research into IP Australia’s Trademark Search

TrademarkVision and IP Australia 2017

sketch of orange sky laundry
Dignity First

Re-thinking Homelessness & Co-creating Tomorrow

Department of Housing and Public Works 2017


Rapid Analytics Interactive Scenario Explorer Toolkit

CRC Spatial Information 2016 – 2017

Service Innovation with Young Refugees

Co-Designing Early Settlement Services

Commissioned by MDA 2016

Co-Designing an Innovation Hub

For Culturally Diverse Communities in Sydney

Consultancy for Diverse Skills Training 2016

CASE for Women

CreAtive Social Entrepreneurship for Women

Queensland Government & YWCA 2016

Enabling the Smart Citizen

Participatory Analytics & Visualisations to Make Sense of Urban Data

QUT Signature Project 2015 – 2016

Youth Social Enterpreneurship

Kickstarting Youth Social Enterpreneurship in Flexi Schools

QUT Signature Project 2015 – 2016

Living Labs

Fostering Digital Participation through Living Labs in Regional and Rural Australian Communities

ARC Linkage 2014 – 2016

Risky Gadgets to the Rescue

Designing Personal Ubicomp Devices to Foster Safer Driving Behaviours in Young Males

ARC DECRA 2014 – 2016

Geocultural Research & the New Spatial Turn

Understanding Socio-Cultural Phenomena through Geovisualisation

VC Research Fellowship 2014 – 2016

Augmented City Model

Augmented & Top-projected Visualisation of Real-time Data on a City-scale Model

QUT Signature Project 2014 – 2015


Recording the Past – Designing the Future: The InstaBooth for Situated Community Engagement

QUT Engagement Innovation Grant 2014 – 2015

Reduce Your Juice

Assisting Low-income Households to Better Manage Their Energy Use

Low-Income Energy Efficiency Program 2013 – 2015

HCI After Dark

Personal Safety in the City: Design Solutions for After Dark

ARC DECRA 2013 – 2015